only a wolf may live., the hunt.

she never tires, she never stops.

i had a lovely weekend, wherein i got to meet awriter for the first time and be treated for a late birthday dinner by feartotread and prim, shoiryu for food and groceries (!!) and oninobara for a lovely tank of gas for driving the lot of them around my lovely city. (i was between paychecks, after all, and fully intend to treat them back later. ;) shoi, eru, and awri all stayed at my place, filling my apartment with bell-like cackling.

i have a few pictures i'd like to post, primarily of the tea shop we went to, wherein we had the secret garden out back all to ourselves for the good part of two hours.

work is work is work, and i'd rather not jinx myself with my temp-to-perm status. i like this job, still, and i want to keep it. i keep having to chill out on little issues, though.

yes folks -- i'm still on the same job for almost four months! don't faint now, it is possible, as the first job i had at blockbuster, i had for one and a half years.

i have missed many birthdays and may miss many more, so i apologize! i will try to keep up with them. :) but belated to you all -- ♥!
ひ・ま・わ・り, fire flower is /so/ cheap.


&hearts my birthday was great. thanks, everyone.

on hiatus until job is secure. thank you for your understanding.

in the meantime, i will try to post with more art, as i have still been drawing a lot recently.
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